How to choose bookshelf speakers: model ratings and selection tips
Music accompanies us everywhere - on trips and hikes, on vacation and in the store,
DIY: personal project of “wrong” two-way acoustics
Now we will show you how to create really good stage speakers with high power and efficiency.
The best TWS headphones from Aliexpress 2022 - 2022: TOP-9
Telegram bot that tracks your parcels? We did it! It's 100% free and
How to choose headphones with good bass
Place Name Characteristics in the ranking Top 10 headphones with good bass 1 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x The most
Acoustic systems: let's talk about sound (part 1)
Phase shift is the difference between the initial phases of two variable quantities that change periodically over time
Bookshelf speakers B&W 685 S2, review. Magazine "WHAT HI-FI?"
Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 The B&W DM685 S2 speaker system is the senior bookshelf speaker in
Crystal Sound: Top 6 Audiophile USB DAC/Amplifiers for iPhone and iPod
Apple promises that Lossless audio will appear in Apple Music in the next few weeks. But
Speaker power is an important parameter
Basic parameters and technical characteristics of computer speakers
Before making a box for a subwoofer, you need to select a dynamic head, for which, in fact,
headphones with built-in player
Rating of the best wireless headphones with a built-in mp3 player
Headphones with an MP3 player are devices that do not require a connection to a smartphone to operate.
Functional diagram of microcircuits IR2153, IR2155
Circuit diagram of a switching mains power supply for 100-500W bass amplifiers (IR2153, IR2155)
To obtain a full-fledged low-frequency power amplifier, a good power source is required; a diagram of a simple block is shown
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